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Liz and Gary

What happens when a lawyer and college professor ditch the courtroom and classroom for a herd of miniature equines, 40 acres, and a farmhouse with a barn and cottage? A life that is too good not to share! Bring your family, your pets, your partner or just yourself! Spend some time on our ranch and fall in love with our mini equines, our breathtaking views, and Liz's home baked muffins and breads, delivered fresh every morning to your door. Find out why we consistently receive 5 star ratings and rave comments!


The Minis

Thor, Hot Dog, Melly and Serafina are the miniature equines who we humbly accept to be the real reason so many people want to stay with us. Carefully trained to be gentle therapy equines while maintaining natural behaviors and reactions that have served equines well for thousands of years, each mini is loaded with horse, donkey and mule wisdom. We have much to learn from them, but expect each one to figure you out within 5 minutes! 

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